This page is intended for USC staff, faculty, or those hiring students only.
If you are a student looking for an on-campus job, please click here.


Find out if the student already has a social security card

International students must have a social security card before they can be hired by any USC department. If the student you are planning to hire does not already have a social security card, follow these steps to allow them to get one:

  1. Fill out the Social Security Letter template with your (supervisor) information and print it out on USC letterhead.
  2. Have the student contact the Office of International Services (OIS) to obtain a secondary letter verifying the student’s current enrollment status.
  3. Have the student take your letter (made from the template in step one) and the letter from OIS to the nearest Social Security Office to apply for a social security card. The nearest Social Security Office is located a few miles away from campus at 1122 W. Washington Blvd., 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90007. Students may take Metro Bus 200 from the northeast corner of Hoover St. and Jefferson Blvd. (near USC) and exit at the intersection of Hoover St. and Washington Blvd.
  4. The Social Security Office will give them a receipt which they may use to begin their hiring process with Provost Payroll.


Supervisor completes forms

The supervisor should complete an Intent-to-Hire form and Notice to Employee (NTE) form to continue the international student worker hiring process after verifying that the student has a social security card or receipt.

The Intent-to-Hire form may be downloaded by clicking here. The supervisor should fill out the top portion of this single-page form (section one), sign it, and then give it to the student who is being hired.

The Notice to Employee (NTE) form can be downloaded here and everything should be filled out by the supervisor except any dates.


Student completes forms & makes appointment

The student being hired should complete section two (the bottom half) of the Intent-to-Hire form after the top portion has been filled out and signed by the supervisor. The student should also sign the Notice to Employee form (but not date it) and then proceed to the link indicated on the form to schedule an onboarding appointment with a Provost Payroll representative.


Student fills out additional paperwork before appointment

The student being hired will need to fill out the appropriate Glacier forms, an I-9 form, rest period acknowledgement form, their notice-to-employee (NTE) form (if not already signed), and bring these documents, along with valid forms of identification, to their onboarding appointment. Not having these documents ready will significantly delay the student’s hiring process. This information is already provided to the student at the link they are supposed to follow on their intent-to-hire form.


Student is onboarded and given start date

Once the student visits Provost Payroll for their onboarding documents and beings the necessary paperwork and other forms as instructed, their hiring will be processed within Workday. This process generally takes 3-4 business days,but can take longer for international students. Once it is complete, both the supervisor and student will receive an email indicating the student may begin working.

Under no circumstances may a student may not begin their job until they have received this work authorization email from Provost Payroll. This restriction is especially important for international students studying at USC under an F-1 or J-1 visa.