Step 1) Action By: Supervisor

Intent-to-Hire Form (part 1 – supervisor portion): The supervisor begins the process of hiring a student worker by filling out the “Intent-to-Hire” form located here:
o The following information is required for this form: Supervisor Email Address, Supervisor Name, Supervisor Phone #, Proposed Student Worker Name, Proposed Student Worker USC Email, Is your student hire an international student?, Is your student already employed as a student worker by USC, Department, Semester, Student Job Title, Hire Date, Approximate work hours per week, Account #, Rate of pay, College Work-Study available for use for this position?, Shift Differential?
o Q. – What happens after I submit this form? After you complete this step, you will receive a confirmation email that references your ticket # for this request. Your student will also receive an email (see next step.)


Step 2) Action By: Proposed Student Worker Hire

Intent-to-Hire Form (part 2 – student worker hire portion): After Step 1 is completed, the proposed student worker will receive an email with a link to fill out their portion of the of the intent-to-hire form. The email will look like this:

Hello Student,

Your supervisor has begun the process to hire you as a new student worker at USC. Please proceed to the following link and fill out the form there to continue your hiring process: link will be provided in actual email.

USC Provost Payroll

Student fills out this form and then waits for a response from Provost Payroll.


Step 3) Action By: Provost Payroll

• Pre-onboarding checklist and appointment email: Student and supervisor will receive an email from Provost Payroll regarding the pre-onboarding requirements and information about how to set up an onboarding appointment.


Step 4) Action By: Proposed Student Worker

• Onboarding Appointment: Schedule an appointment via the link provided to you in the email above to come in for on-boarding.
o Q. – What do I need to bring with me in preparation for this meeting?
 REQUIRED ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS: You must bring original documents to your on-boarding appointment for review by our Payroll Coordinator. Please see this link for the original documents that are acceptable:
• Employees may present one selection from List A
• A combination of one selection from List B and one selection from List C.
o Q. – Where do I go for my on-boarding appointment?
UPC campus – Figueroa Building (FIG), Suite 109
• 3535 South Figueroa Street
• Los Angeles, CA 90089
(Enter the building in the back near McCarthy Way Parking Structure (formerly known as PSX.))

Student Worker On-boarding & Check Distribution Location


Step 5) Action By: Provost Payroll

• Student Worker Authorization: After you have met with the Provost Payroll Team, your paperwork will be processed and the hiring supervisor and student worker will receive an email titled “Student Work Authorization” which include the date that the student is authorized to begin work. You may begin work once you have received this email.